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What’s in my diaper bag for 2 under 3

Preparing a diaper bag for a baby can sometimes be overwhelming as you want to make sure you have everything they might need. Toddlers, on the other hand, need a bit less stuff. What was a real struggle for me was the fact that I needed a diaper bag that would fit not only Olivia’s stuff (3 months old) but also George’s stuff (28 months old) and mine as well.


This bag is everywhere now, you can find it in local stores & online, but I have ordered mine on Amazon. Here is a link to it in case you are interested.


In the front pocket there are three bottle holders and that’s where I keep two empty bottles and one filled with cold water so that I can arrange the milk’s temperature later on.


There are two pockets on the side and that is where I keep my son’s cup as well as my keys and anything I want to be able to grab quickly (for example headphones).

There is also a small pocket in the back perfect for your phone as it is secured there.


Now in the bag, there is the main compartment which basically fits EVERYTHING you can think of and there are additional 5 pockets.

On the two inside side pockets, I keep the kids’ diapers. My son is currently in the process of potty training but we are not there yet. So in the one I keep around 3-4 diapers for Olivia and a pair of socks just in case and in the other I keep 2-3 diapers for George (Pamper’s size 5) and a pair of socks for him as well.
In the back inside pocket I keep a small container with some extra formula in case I need to make more or less milk from the amount I have in the milk dispenser.  In there I will also throw anything I need to have easy access to, such as small snacks or small cars for George.
In the inside front pockets I keep my hand sanitizer, some tissues, rash cream, extra pacifiers, nose drops for Olivia in case we need them and some random stuff such as headbands, ties etc.


In the main compartment I pretty much keep everything else. I have a spare outfit for George and a spare one for Olivia, as well as some spare bodysuits for her as well (yes, those diaper explosions can come at any point!). I also keep my baby wipes, changing mat, my thermos with hot water and the formula milk dispenser. I always have an extra muslin cloth and if it is chilly I will also keep an extra blanket in there. If we are going to the park or anywhere that I know George will be hungry I also have his lunch box with me with some snacks for him. Finally that’s where I keep my essentials, such as wallet and sunglasses.

What are some of the essentials you always keep in your diaper bag? Do you prepare your diaper bag the night before?

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