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Mothercare Nanu stroller – REVIEW

A thorough review of the Mothercare Nanu stroller, which is an affordable umbrella stroller. The review focuses on the price, ease of use, safety and longevity.

nanu stroller umbrella review


  • Suitable from birth up to 15kg
  • Easy to fold and lightweight
  • Multi position seat and super easy to recline with one hand
  • Affordable
  • Decent size of storage basket for an umbrella stroller
  • Easy to wipe and clean
  • Raincover included in the box


  • Basic umbrella stroller
  • Handles are made of foam
  • Handles are not adjustable
  • Sunshade doesn’t provide much shade coverage
  • No barrier which means the baby needs to have the harness on at all times

Key features

These are the main key features of the Mothercare Nanu stroller and the main reasons why someone would consider buying it

  • Multi-position seat (easy to recline with just one hand)
  • Five point safety harness (even my 3 year old cannot open it easily)
  • Calf rest can be adjust to fit your baby’s needs
umbrella stroller review
  • Lightweight
  • Compact fold (for me this was a game changer after switching from my massive stroller to this compact umbrella fold one)
  • Lockable front and back wheels
  • Comes with a raincover (saves you some money and also an extra trip to the shops to buy one)
  • Nice prints to choose from for both girl and boy
  • Really easy to fold
  • Suitable from birth
  • Easy to clean with just a water wipe
umbrella stroller review

What is included in the box?

In the box you get the stroller, the instructions leaflet, a shopping basket, the sun protection hood and a raincover.


  • Suitable from birth to 15kg
  • Dimensions 82 x 47 x 103 cm
  • Folded dimensions 31 x 30 x 106 cm
  • Weight 7kg

Handling and using the stroller

Have tried it with both my one year old and my three year old. My one year old hated the old stroller we had, would only last in it for a couple of minutes and would not let me put on the harness (just to give you a complete comparison). In the Nanu stroller she can last a whole shopping trip, she does not mind having the harness on and I even managed to transfer her without waking her up from the car seat to the stroller (which if you know her, you know has never happened before).

It is very easy to push and comfortable especially on smooth ground. On bumpier grounds it is not as easy to push but that is common for an umbrella stroller. I would say as the kid gets older and therefore heavier it is a bit harder to push but it is still comfortable. The harness does not feel cheap and it is very secure, something you sometimes do not see even on pricier strollers.

Reclining the seat is super easy and can be made one handed which is really important especially if you are holding the baby and need to recline it. The brake bar is a little harder to press down or lift than other strollers but it is still easy enough to use.

The handles are of foam which means they will not last that long especially when your car boot is full of other toys like bicycles etc as they can be easily tear apart. The storage basket is big enough to fit a decent size bag. The stroller as mentioned before is very lightweight which is a bonus when travelling and generally storing the stroller but it also means that you can not put much weight on the handles (shopping bags or diaper bag) as it may fall over. One of the biggest advantages for me when using the stroller is how easily it can be cleaned. My kids love to snack which means that most of what they are eating ends up on the stroller seat and being able to clean it with just a water wipe is just a huge bonus for us.

Weight limit

The weight limit is 15kg, which is approximately 3 years old


For an umbrella stroller it does have a decent storage basket. You will not be able to fit everything in it but a small bag and a few toys definitely fit in there.

umbrella stroller review


It only takes three simple steps to fold this stroller and personally after three using and folding three strollers so far I would say it does not get any easier than that.I have not used any other umbrella strollers so I cannot give you a full on comparison but it is definitely easy to fold.

The design

There are three designs to choose from and personally I believe that it looks way more expensive than it actually is.

Longevity and value of money

We have been using this stroller for almost three months now, we have taken it to the park, mall, bumpy roads and smooth roads and it still looks brand new. As mentioned before it is so easy to clean that it will look new for such a long time. The tires hold up really well and are super easy to clean as well. My only concern are the foam handles, I have not had any issues with them so far but we are taking it abroad next week so I will be able to update you on how it looks after full on holidays.

Places to buy it from

You can buy the Mothercare Nanu stroller from a few places:

  1. Amazon UK for £60
  2. Mothercare £59
  3. Ebay UK £69.99
  4. Boots £59

I will leave here a quick video we made using the stroller so that you can see how to unfold, use and fold the stroller.

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“I even managed to transfer her without waking her up from the car seat to the stroller”
This brought back a sweet memory of my oldest. I was able to transfer him from the stroller to the car seat, while still sleeping. I seriously felt like a champ. As if I had won some amazing title. Ha ha!
Thanks for prompting this memory…and the stroller looks amazing! 🙂

This looks like a great stroller for travel! We always used an umbrella stroller when our son was little when traveling. It is so much easier. This one would be ideal! Great post!

This looks small and compact. I am looking for a good umbrella stroller to give my BOB a break, so I am definitely going to check it out!

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