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18 months old baby / toddler update

I know I haven’t done one of this in ages (previous one here) but I really wanted to do one. It is a nice way to remember what your toddler is learning each month. I love reading this type of posts from others because I can relate to them. In a nutshell, having an 18 month old is the best and toughest thing in the world in my opinion. They learn new things daily and their personalities start to shine through. But it’s also the beginning of the terrible twos which are definitely hard!

General information

She is still in size 5 diapers but she is showing a real interest in potty training. Some days and others she doesn’t even want to use the potty. Her current weight is 9.900gr and she is 68cm long. She now wears mostly 18-24 months clothes but 12-18 months clothes still fit her.


If you follow me on Instagram you probably know by now that Olivia loves her food. She has a lot of favourites and a few things she would try but hates them every single time. I wouldn’t say she is a fussy eater because she is generally willing to try new foods. But she is not a huge fan of meat, she prefers chicken in general. I am trying to slowly introduce more meat to her diet at the moment. She also really likes fish which is definitely a bonus considering George has only recently started eating it.

She loves peas, cucumber, iceberg and lettuce (sometimes) and carrots (sometimes). But again, I am trying to introduce or “hide” more vegetables in her diet. Her all-time favourite food will have to be eggs, she loves hard-boiled eggs or scrambled eggs. She has a bottle of milk (150ml) before bed and one during the night (100-120ml). She is still on lactose-free formula, as she is not a huge cow’s milk fan. We are giving her cow’s milk with cereals and some during the day to get her used to it.


At 18 months old Olivia loves her sleep. If she is tired she will ask for her blanket and show you her cot and ask to go to bed. She is not really fussy and her bedtime routine is very simple and straight forward and I absolutely love that about her. She still has her dummy which helps a lot but I am thinking of slowly try and limit it only to naps and sleep and then taking it away.

We took George’s when he was 18 months old, it was tough for a couple of days but he then forgot about it completely. I guess the younger they are the less attached they are? But we will see. She still wakes up at night for one feed, she doesn’t really cry she just shouts “mum milk” so I cannot send Harry to do the night feeding (!!!). She goes to bed at around 7-7:30 and wakes up 6-7 and has one nap during the day at around 11-12 if she is at home or 12:30-1 if she is at school and sleeps for half an hour to an hour.


Olivia basically does not walk, she just runs. Climbing onto everything is her favourite activity and can pretty much get to anything she wants. She love going to the park and doing all the activities the big kids do and she is generally pretty good at doing them. She has also recently learned how to sit on the slide as she was just running and falling before.

Olivia loves attention, she loves playing with me and George but she loves playing on her own as well. She can stay concentrated in one activity for quite a while (a lot longer than George did and still does). She loves stacking toys, legos, sorting out things and her dolls or “bibi” as she calls them.

Her speech has developed overnight and she now can make little sentences with two or more words, she will for example now explain that she is hurt when she falls and will show you where she fell, or if George does something she will tell you he did it and so on. Of course she doesn’t speak clearly or anything like that but a few key words make you understand what she wants.

She is CONSTANTLY hungry, she is a pretty chilled toddler, not chilled in the way that she will sit for a long time but if she has toys or can run around then she is happy. But if she is hungry she starts yelling, crying, showing you her high chair and basically throwing tantrums non stop.

She has learned to count, still doing it wrong but knows “five, six, eight, nine” and can show you where her eyes, ears, nose and so on are. She can make a few animal noises and show you where each animal is if you ask her. And she generally understands and can carry out simple commands.

One thing she has developed and I cannot wait for it to be over is throwing tantrums. Definitely a little 18 months old diva and wants things to get her way. She is pretty stubborn and will insist until she gets it and if she doesn’t she goes to George for help. She also has shown recently a lot of preference in me, her mum, to do things like take her out of the car, feed her and so on but she always asks for her dad if she is hurt or wants cuddles.

Milestones she has achieved

  • Says several single words
  • Makes two-word phrases
  • Asks for certain things by name, like “milk” “water” “dummy” end other
  • Says words yes and no and knows the meaning
  • Responds to questions and understands commands
  • Tries to repeat words she hears from conversations
  • Sings along to a song in tone and maybe some words
  • Runs
  • Climbs up and down the stairs
  • Drinks from a cup
  • Eats with a spoon or fork
  • Stacks objects or blocks
  • Holds crayons and draws
  • Helps undress herself
  • Shows interest in potty training, says when she needs to poop
  • Separation anxiety (yes it is indeed a milestone)
  • Tantrums and whining
  • Is shy or afraid of strangers
  • Plays simple pretend, like feeding her doll or cooking

I think I have covered everything but let me know if I missed anything you would like to know. Any special milestone your little one achieved this month?

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She is gorgeous! That is amazing that she loves to sleep! Tell me all of your secrets! Happy 18-months cutie pie!

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