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Just the two of us

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the silence for a while (toddler is at nursery and baby is sleeping). Following on my “daily struggle” post where I talked about my 2-year-old not responding to our questions I am happy to report that he now not only responds to them but every time he asks something and I may not respond immediately, he will come and say I am talking to you! YAY, as if constant toddler talking and questions were not enough.

Having a new baby is definitely not easy and it is an enormous change. But imagine the impact this change can have on a toddler’s life. George has responded to his sister better than we ever expected (I will get into more details in another post) but we barely have any time alone. We do play all together with Olivia, or we play in his room while she is napping but still when she needs my attention I have to go pick her up or feed her.

That is the reason why we decided that each week or every other week me and George will have a “day date” just the two of us, this can be anything from going to the park, to going for an ice cream or going to the toy shop to pick up a toy for him. This is something that I as a mom really need but he needs it as well.  We used to do pretty much everything together (and we still do a lot of things) but most of the time we are not alone. Ideally once a week or every other week he has a “day date” with his father as well. This does not have to be anything, in particular, it can be for example a 5-minute walk outside the house or a walk to the park for half an hour, but make sure you are only focusing on them.

The change this makes to his mood is enormous. He chats away about everything, runs around and tries to fit everything he can in that half an hour or hour we have together. And today was one of those days. One of those days I will cherish and remember forever. One of those days where his eyes are shining with excitement as we approach the destination he chose for our day date.

I promise little one, we will always have those day dates (well until you no longer think I am cool, I guess!) and mommy will always have time for you, even if she is changing a nappy or feeding Olivia at the same time. Now he is fast asleep and I am here smiling just at the thought of the fun time we had together and the excitement by which he told his dad everything we’ve done.

Do you have play/day dates with your little ones?

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