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It’s okay not being perfect

Sometimes we put so much pressure on ourselves that we actually stop being productive. There are countless nights when I try to remember everything I have to do the next day and try to figure a plan in my head and in the morning something does not go as planned, for example Olivia might be grumpy, and there I am a total freaked out mess worrying that I might not be able to do everything I have planned. And by plans I mean food shopping and errands that have to be done.

In my attempt to spend the most time with my family on Saturdays and Sundays I leave all the errands and house cleaning for the weekdays. And even though I try to manage everything I have to do, carrying a four-month-old around while shopping and then going home in the heat we currently have to clean and cook is just a bit too much for me! Of course, I can take a day off and relax but then I feel like a total mess of a mom or wife since the house is not cleaned and the food is not cooked!

I am sure I am not the only one putting so much pressure on myself! We as moms usually do this as we really want everyone to be happy (kids, husband, everyone) but what about us? What about that woman who used to brush her hair in the morning and do her makeup before conquering her day and now she is there still in her pyjamas trying to store all those toys that the kids left on the floor. By no means I am not saying that there is nothing wrong with prioritizing your kids or husband but sometimes in order for them to be happy, YOU HAVE TO BE HAPPY FIRST.

There are countless times when I will argue with my son just because I am tired, or I am sad and I know It’s wrong but I am a human too. I need a day, an hour or a minute for myself and there are days when you do not get even a minute.

The reason I am writing this is not for anyone to feel sorry for me but because I know there are other moms out there that feel exactly the same. That their anxiety levels are over the top due to the pressure they put on themselves. Your kids will not remember if the house was a mess or if they had take-away for dinner (they would probably be happy about that!) but they will remember that their mother was sad or nervous.

From now on I will try to promise myself that I will not put as much pressure on me. I am the best mother and wife I personally can be, there are some better ones and some worse ones out there, but this is the BEST I can be for today! The shopping can wait a day or two but I will not get to spend this day with my kids again! So moms enjoy your kids today, enjoy your husband, enjoy yourselves today, pur a glass of wine (doesn’t matter what time it is) and just relax for a bit. Everything else can be done tomorrow!

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