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Flight with toddlers – Your survival snacks & stuff

If you are following me on Instagram (if not let’s be friends) you already know that we went to Prague about a week ago. It was not a long flight, it was a three and a half hour one, but it was our first flight as a family of four and both our kids have way too much energy. That is why we needed to have enough snacks and activities to keep them entertained.

These are all the items I have packed in their diaper bag.


  • Play Doh – George is obsessed with Play Doh and Olivia is slowly learning to play with it instead of eating it. We bought them each a brand new Play Doh in order to get them excited
  • Stamps – We may end up with stamped tattoos but I am sure they will have fun making little stamps on the paper or even their hands
  • Colouring book – They are not really into colouring books just yet but George loves seeing the pictures and try to colour them as good as he can. We bought them Paw Patrol colouring books and George is obsessed with Paw Patrol and Olivia loves dogs so I think they will love them.
  • Pencil colours – Well you can’t really buy colouring books and not buy colours, can you? Even though they are huge fans of water colours and markers, I am sure the best choice for a flight are colouring pencils.
  • Stickers – Is their most favourite activity, they can both play with stickers for hours so it was an obvious “survival” activity, hopefully it will keep them entertained for a while. They both got a new sticker book, George got Avengers since he is obsessed with Hulk and super heroes at the moment and Olivia got Aristocats since she loves cats and she is not yet into a specific cartoon or something.
  • Water magic colouring book – This is probably the one thing I knew I wanted for them from the moment we booked our tickets. It is mess free and something they can do over and over again. Each got one so that they can switch between them which will keep them entertained for longer.
  • Sticky notes – I think I saw this in a Youtube video recently and I thought it would be nice to give it a go. I am sure they will love sticking them around the seats and we can play little games like drawing animals and then matching them and so on.
  • Lollipop – I am not sure whether I will give them to them or not. I am not sure whether I want all that mess that is involved with lollipops especially when it comes to Olivia. But it will for sure keep them happy and entertained for a while.
  • Movies – George is obsessed with Tom & Jerry at the moment as well as some Disney Junior cartoons so we are downloading those for him to watch if he wants to (he has his own little tablet) and also we are downloading them on our iPad for Olivia to watch if she wants to.
  • 1 favourite small toy – The morning before we leave for the airport each of them will be allowed to pick one small toy to take with them to the airplane to keep them busy and also to make them feel at home, if that makes sense.


  • Sandwiches – Freshly made sandwiches in the morning to have with us on the plane just to make sure they have something to eat if they are hungry since we will be arriving just after lunch time.
  • Apples – Both kids love to eat apples and I think they are great for snacking on and a little less messy than any other fruit. I will cut it in the morning and secure it with an elastic band to ensure that it stays fresh.
  • Banana chips – The kids are a bit unsure about them, sometimes they love them and others they hate them but I think they are nice and healthy-ish to snack on. They will also keep them busy for a while and they taste like a sweet treat.
  • Biosaurus corn snacks – They love to snack on crisps so instead of buying the normal ones I though I would buy them these corn snacks, they both love them and they are in dinosaur shapes which is always a plus!
  • Water – They both love water, George just recently started asking for more juices in the day but they are both really good at drinking water. We are taking their bottle waters with us, keeping them empty and then buy water on the plane to fill them in.
  • Bake rolls – I still remember snacking on bake rolls when I was little, they definitely aren’t the healthiest but I want to treat them as they will hopefully behave (hopefully!!). They both love them and they can share.
  • Coco Pops bars – Olivia is not a huge fan but George loves them. We will probably skip breakfast tomorrow or have something really light so these will be perfect as an after breakfast snack.
  • Chewing gum – To avoid their ears hurting the kids need to chew on something when taking off and landing. Olivia has her pacifier of course but George is not. He is not really good with sweets as he is instantly bites in them so he needs something he will chew on for a bit longer and that is why we are taking chewing gums with us.

UPDATE – What worked and what didn’t (plus some tips)

  • First thing I would say is to pack them separately for each kid. Olivia did not really care but George loves the idea of having his own little “bag” of things to choose from.
  • If it is possible try to keep them awake, if it is a day flight, so that they will nap on the plane.
  • Take with you a small blanket or something they already know or use to go to sleep. This will make it easier fot them to feel secure and relax or even fall asleep.
  • Milk or tea, depending on the age of your kid I would say offering them a warm drink will definitely help them relax.
  • Remember to give your baby/toddler their pacifier (if they are using one) or a sweet or lollipop to help protect their ears during take off and landing.
  • I know it is easier said than done but try to have as much patience as possible on that day.

STUFF & ACTIVITIES – what worked

  • Play Doh – Disaster. George wanted to play with Play Doh really bad but I did no buy a good quality one so it was falling apart all the time and we had to throw it away.
  • Stamps – Did not really use them. George tried them but it took a while for them to dry and we ended up having ink all over us.
  • Colouring books – They used them on the plane and they used them throughout our whole trip so I would definitely recommend them.
  • Stickers – Huge success. They both used them, on the plane and throughout our trip. And they are still using them, somehow they survived two flights and a trip.
  • Sticky notes – They did not really like them. Plus they spilled water over them which resulted in them leaving colour marks all over the tables, and stuff.
  • Lollipop – They did not really have them as there were a lot more options to choose from.
  • Movies – CAN’T RECOMMEND THEM ENOUGH! We have downloaded a few of their favourite songs (wheels on the bus, etc) and a few of their favourite series (Tom & Jerry and PJ masks) and they kept them entertained for so long. We even used them on days that they were really tired and needed to relax.
  • One favourite toy – MASSIVE SUCCESS! George played with his throughout the whole flights. Luckily we did not lose it during the trip.

These are the things that made our flight a little bit easier. What is the number one thing you would pack if you were travelling with your kids?

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