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Be kind to others – They are what we are

As parents it is our duty to be kind to others. Our duty to be the role model our kids will be proud of. Last week I took George to his first gymnastics lesson and we then went to have McDonalds. We arrived and there was a cat at the end of the road. George went closer to see the cat and we realised that the cat wasn’t sleeping. He turned around and asked if the cat was dead. Now, we have made the decision that we need to be as open as we can with the cycle of life with the kids. It is hard for them to understand but we don’t want them to have false hopes and stuff.

My grandma passed away this Summer and it was one of the hardest things I had to go through. I knew George needed to know that she won’t be coming back. This way he would not ask about her over and over again and as he gets older he will understand. So without thinking twice I told him yes. What I have not anticipated was his reaction afterwards. He started hysterically crying and saying “why, what did this cat do, why did they kill it”, I never mentioned if it was killed or not. I tried explaining that sometimes people accidentally can hurt someone and so on. I was unable to calm him down, he asked to call the doctor to “fix” the cat.

They are kind without trying

The reason I am telling you this story is because it amazes me. It amazes me how much he cared about a random cat, a cat he never saw before. We don’t even own a cat and George has mixed experiences with them as he got scratched a few times. But without even realizing we taught George that we as humans can and have to take care of animals. We buy cat food and we go to parks and feed the cats there, because other won’t.

It then hit me, They do us we do. It all comes back to us. We showed him, without even realizing, to care for others without having to. To give to them without even knowing. I was the proudest mom when we went to the park and George and Olivia played with one kid with darker skin. He didn’t even asked, didn’t wondered, just played and had fun. They were accepting and kind without even trying.

I know that to a lot of people this may seem as nothing, but unfortunately we still live in a world where people are not that accepting. Where people are not kind enough to others, don’t care enough and don’t give enough. I made a promise to raise kids that will be able to change some of the stereotypes. Raise them to be kind. I want them to accept others as they are as I want others to accept my kids as they are!

they watch and mimic us constantly

Our babies watch us, they are always watching. They learn before we even try to teach them. They see, they mimic. There is no I will be doing this but I won’t in front of them. They pick up on the smallest things. They copy movements as well as speech (hopefully they won’t mimic my speech when I am driving though!!). This is what we need to keep in mind. I am a person that loses her patience easily, but I try to avoid doing or saying things that I wouldn’t want my kids to do or say.

We are raising the future, our kids will be the future. These kids can bring a brighter future to everyone and that really depends on us. As if parenthood wasn’t stressful enough, we have to also keep this in our mind. Please be your kindest self today. Be the person you want your kids to be, be the person you will be proud to mimic. be kind to others.

What is one thing you are proud that your kids learned from you?

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