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A daily struggle

Is there anything worse than waking up to your toddler crying? And I don’t mean the usual wake up crying in bed thing (we got used to that and it’s not occurring that often anymore).

George is such a happy toddler, yes he has his moments (and who doesn’t) but he lately has decided that he will not reply to our questions if he does not want to. And I certainly do not mean hard or complicated questions, I mean the questions to which the answer is either yes or no!  At first, we did not pay that much of an attention as toddlers can sometimes have tricky personalities and to be honest you have to choose your battles with them. However this morning he was completely out of control, he woke up crying and asking for me (I mainly do the night shift and his dad the morning ones) and by the time I got up he would not stop crying.

We have struggled with his crying a lot, he would start crying and whining for almost anything and that is why we do not let him cry for no reason. After his dad asked him about 10 times whether he wants me, to which he did not reply, he came to our room. And I asked him the same thing and there was still no answer. Do not get me wrong, I let a lot of things pass and I do not make a big deal out but when it comes to a certain behavior that I would not like him doing to other people as well, then I do react to it. As I mentioned before it is not the first time it has happened and I have searched online to find solutions and I have even tried some myself but I could not find anything (yes Google, I am sure it is just a behavioral issue and he will be fine).

I then tried to remember all the times it has happened and find a link between them. Sure or not it was occurring every time he was frustrated or after we have argued about something. So this morning I hugged him, to which he responded really well and he stopped crying. When I asked him again he responded that he indeed wanted me to wake up with him. What I found is that when he is frustrated or crying he does really focus on the thing that happened that he actually would not respond even if I offered him chocolate (I may or may not have tried it!). At that point, he also sometimes thinks that by responding to the question he might start the argument again, as he thinks that one of the answers is the wrong one. So instead of asking him the question right away we hug him if he is crying and let him calm down, or we try to analyze with him what actually happened, this way he does focus on us and the question we are asking and understands that there is actually not a right or wrong response to the “do you want milk?” question.

Despite all the chaos of the morning I can assure you that once picked up from nursery, he responded to all of my questions and there was no crying at all!

Have you experienced anything similar with your little ones?

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