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Busy moms – 10 things you can do today to save time tomorrow

I am not going to lie, most nights I am so exhausted that I don’t really do half of these things. Other nights I do them all and the next day is so much more calm and easy going. It takes some time to do them but it will probably take twice this time with a toddler running around the next day.

1. Wash the dishes

I know it is obvious and I know most people do this but I have never done this before. I always leave it for the next morning and then my kids are grumpy and by that night I have a huge pile of dishes to go through. I clean as I go as much as I can with the dishes but I make sure there are no dishes left in the sink at night. It saves you so much time and energy in the morning, plus is there anything better than a clean kitchen first thing in the morning

2. 30 minute clean

Put a timer on your phone for 30 minutes and start cleaning. Once the 30 minutes are over stop. You will be amazed by how much you can do in 30 minutes. It’s the pressure of knowing you only have that specific amount of time that is helping you get way more things done. The next morning you will wake up to a clean and freshly smelling home.

3. Load your washing machine

I love this tip and I use it every single night. I load the washing machine at night and leave the door open. Then the first thing I do the next morning is start the washing machine. This way I don’t have to try and separate the clothes and put the laundry on in the morning while trying to keep everyone entertained. This saves so much time and it helps you keep on top of your laundry.

4. Make ahead breakfast

Since the kids go to nursery and we are off to work it’s really important for me to have our breakfast ready to grab in the morning. I used to do them in the morning but it took way too long and the kids were always grumpy while I was doing them and I and Harry ended up with no breakfast so instead I know make them the night before. Put them in a container or a sealed freezer bag and they are fresh and ready to go in the morning.

5. Find your outfits

I know it only takes 2 minutes to find an outfit in the morning (or if you are on your “I have nothing to wear” days it may take longer) but it saves so much time when you have picked them the night before. I try to dress the kids right after they wake up as they are still sleepy and it’s easier to get them dressed without any dressing tantrums.

6. Meal prep as much as possible

Plan ahead you week’s meal. Keep the hardest recipes for Monday-Wednesday and meal prep on Sunday. Keep the rest of the week’s recipes easy and try to cook the night before for the next day. This way you are less likely to eat a takeout and you have a healthy meal ready for lunch without having to rush to make it.

7. Set your daily reminders as needed

What I love doing lately and it has made a huge difference is setting reminders on my phone for the things I need to get done or things I need to remember. For example at the beginning of each month I will set the reminders for next month to pay the rent, or the kids’ nursery and so on. But I will also set daily reminders for our doctor’s visits, for certain things I need to do or pick up. It’s so nice to have it all written down and knowing you haven’t forgotten about something on that day.

8. Plan ahead you day/week

Once all of the reminders are set I can go ahead and plan my daily tasks. I don’t go into much detail (I will skip having certain times for everything) but I will try to at least plan what I need to get done on my two hours break and at night while the kids are asleep.

9. Shopping List

One thing I have been doing lately is having a shopping list on hand and I will write whatever we ran out of on that day or things I need for next week’s meal plan right away. This way I don’t have to spend 30 minutes-1 hour on the day I go shopping, going through all the cupboards and the fridge to make my shopping list.

10. Relax and enjoy some me time

It’s so important to find a way to relax at night, if you don’t do that then the next day you won’t really have the energy to do much. It will make you feel so much better and relaxed because even though you had a really full day you now have some well deserved me time!

What are some of the things you are doing ahead of time? Do you find that you are more productive at night or in the mornings?

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